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Blues Company
Born 1972 in Poland, Arnold begann learning piano at the age of 8. His enthusiasm for Rock and Metal got him playing guitarafter which he gained an interrest in Jazz, accompanying his brother later on piano and bass. His decision to become a professional musician came late, and he started studys of jazz guitar and bass at the Osnabrück Music Highschool. Arnold palys in various Jazz formations and joined the Blues Company in May 2008


Fender USA Jazz Bass
Magnus Krempel 6-String Bass
Josef Wilfer Kontrabass
Balsereit Tonabnehmer
Amp :
Bass :
Maruczyk Barabass 12" Combo + 12 " Cabinet
Keys :
Gallien Krüger GK MB 150S
Kurzweil K2000

Epiphone Elitist Sheratone
Yamaha APX Acoustic Guitar
Peavey Delta Blues 1X15

Vocalmike : SENNHEISER EW 365

Monitoring : D&B Technologies In Ear System 2200 R